Learn how JobSparker makes your job hunt easier.



JobSparker is designed to make it easy for you to track your way to a new job. Set goals and keep everything related to your job search organized and in one place. Sign up for free.


Getting Started

Whether waiting in line, sitting on a train or lounging at home, you have everything you need to keep your job search going, reach your weekly targets and get closer to your new role!



We believe job seekers can get a new job faster with clear weekly goals. Not sure what goals to set? Start with:

5 job applications

6 hours of career research/prep

7 networking activities

If you can focus on your job search full-time, we suggest tripling these numbers to start.

Update goals weekly, based on your progress.


Activities: Click + on the Activities tab to track everything you do for your job search. If you have a related job or contact, you can connect it here or in Jobs and Contacts.

Search and click on specific activities to view details and make updates.


Create and view your list of open jobs. Take a quick glance at the list to see which jobs you applied to (checkmark) and the how many actions you have taken related to that opportunity (lightening bolt). 

Click on an opportunity to view details and make updates, including accessing connected activity and contact details.