Not getting job offers? Complete a job search inventory.

Not getting job offers? Complete a job search inventory.

Have you been applying to jobs, but just aren't getting enough traction? It’s time to take an inventory to see if something is off with your job search.

Below is a laundry list of questions to go through.  I admit this list is a bit long, but taking the extra few minutes to answer these questions can get you to your next opportunity faster.

As you answer each question, note where the answers are “no,” “I’m not sure” or “zero.” This is where you have room to improve your search.

Job Applications

  • Are you applying to more than 5 jobs a week if you are working full-time or more than 20 jobs a week if you aren’t working?
  • Do you target your resume and cover letter for each position?
  • Have you had anyone review your resume and cover letter?
  • Are you using all of the below methods to find and apply to jobs?
    • networking events
    • headhunters/recruiters
    • second-party references (for example, a colleague’s friend)
    • direct connections (friends, former colleagues, etc.)
    • industry specific job boards
    • college career center/alumni job boards
    • general job boards
    • social media (LinkedIn, etc.)
    • company sites


How many of the following activities have you completed in the last three weeks: 

  • participated in an industry or professional networking event 
  • used social media (at least 4x) to connect and build contacts
  • reached out to a third party recruiter or headhunter
  • helped others in your network
  • connected with others through an organized social activity (such as a book club)
  • contacted people in your extended network (ex. going to a friend's party or grabbing dinner with former colleagues)


Have you practiced answering questions about:

  • what you do in your free time?
  • the industry?
  • your relevant experience?
  • areas for growth?
  • why you are interested in a role?
  • what you can offer the company?
  • how you would solve a problem relevant to the role (ex. You have an angry client, what do you do?)

On the day of an interview, do you: 

  • have questions prepared to ask the interviewer?
  • bring copies of your resume?
  • arrive  between 5-15 minutes early?
  • email a thank you note to each person you met with (within 24 hours)?

It can be a struggle to keep your job search going, especially if your search seems stuck. Use this list to recharge and expand your job hunt.

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