Brand Yourself, part 2: I.D. Your Selling Points

Today we are going to dig a bit deeper in identifying your selling points. First, pull out the list you made of industry “wants” and “needs” from the last Brand Yourself post. As a reminder, the “wants” are the special items that make someone uniquely valuable in a role. The “needs” are the minimum standards for the position. 

Scan through each list with a pen and circle each skill/experience you possess on these lists. These are the items you are going to use to sell yourself. The  “needs” are going to keep your application from getting deleted, while the “wants” will help get you the interview. Put the remaining on items on a weaknesses list and put that aside for this week.

For each item that you circled, write out a related accomplishment. Feel free to combine items to make more powerful statements. For example:

Desired Job: Sales Manager
Want - Experience in recruiting sales members
Need - Successfully on-boarded new sales team members

Accomplishment: Successfully recruited and on-boarded 10 sales members, resulting in a 25% increase in gross sales over 6 months.

Once you have written out your accomplishments, you should have a good idea of what your biggest selling points are. These are the items you can highlight in your application, while networking and while interviewing.

Next up, we will cover how to incorporate these selling points into your branding plan.

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