The Long Game: Becoming a Desirable Candidate for Headhunters

Sometimes you don’t have to search for opportunities. The opportunities will search for you, especially if you have several years of relevant work experience.

I know many people who have been head hunted from LinkedIn and other sources. I have definitely received quite a few pings on LinkedIn. The trick here is that you need to be an accessible, connected passive candidate. Here are three tips to get you started:

  1. Have a solid LinkedIn profile. This means having a professional photo, and filling out your employment details with relevant experience. Next, make sure you are connected with colleagues and others who are in your field of interest, to attract recruiters in their network. For example, if you are an accountant, connect with your friends, colleagues, etc. who are also accountants. Make sure to also follow groups related to your industry as recruiters are often part of those groups as well.
  2. Become known and trusted in your area of expertise. Offer to write an article for your company’s blog and become involved with associations and websites that are relevant to your industry. If you can become a regular contributor, your name will show up higher on search results. 
  3. Read and Comment. If you aren’t quite ready to write your own articles, you can share insights and articles related to your industry on social media sites. Share an article through LinkedIn, add relevant comments to industry blogs and retweet on Twitter. 

In order to be desirable, you have to be searchable. Use these suggestions to get started building an effective passive profile.

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