Does your company live up to its core values?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about JobSparker’s core values, mostly because we don’t have any yet.

Now I have been at companies that have strong core values, where decisions and actions were evaluated from a value perspective first. I have also worked at companies where the stated values were a theoretical list that few people knew, and even less people adhered to. In these companies, people didn’t work as well together and important decisions were sometimes made from an ambiguous rationale.

Do I believe that strong companies have strong values? Absolutely. 

Having transparent and consistent values helps make difficult business decisions easy and builds trust with employees and customers. Want to see two great examples? Check out Google’s core philosophies (, then check out Clif Bar & Company's (

If you are thinking about changing jobs, but aren’t sure, look to the company's core values and ask yourself these two questions: 

  1. Does your company live by their core values?
  2. Do you share your company’s core values?

This is a simple way to assess whether the company you work for is a good fit. If your company isn’t following their core values, or you disagree with some of their values (or core practices), it’s time to consider moving on.

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