Keeping (and Getting) Your Resume Up-to-Date

Did you ever find the perfect job opportunity, only to decide you can't apply because your resume is outdated? Well here is an easy strategy to ensure that your resume is never out-of-date again.

Book five minutes on your calendar each week to note unique projects, activities or successes that you had. You can email the details to yourself, use the notes feature on your phone or just put pen to paper (make sure to keep the details private if you are maintaining it at work).

Not sure what to write? Think about current projects as well as your daily tasks. It can be as simple as teaching a colleague to use new software or, noting the actions you took to solve customer problems.

Next, set a reminder on your calendar to update your resume every quarter. When you are making your quarterly updates, go through the list you have been maintaining and highlight the responsibilities, projects and accomplishments that will be most valued by employers. Then, all you need to do is take those items and pull them into your resume.

Not sure what to keep and what to cut? I recommend maintaining a long and short version of your resume. Your longer version should include all your accomplishments and experiences, just in case you need it later. The short version should be a “best of” document tailored to the role(s) you want. This is the version that you would actually send out to an employer. 

It’s a bit more work up front to keep your resume current, but it makes a huge difference when that dream opportunity comes up.

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