How do you Target Jobs at a Specific Company?

Have you always wanted to work at a specific company, but haven’t been able to get an interview? Here are a few strategies to help get your foot in the door.

Look at the roles within the organization. What types of roles does the company have open where you can offer value? What about roles that aren’t currently open? Is there anything that you can do that you think you can help the company with?

Apply for positions before and after they are available. Is there a role that you are really interested in but it’s already been filled? Perhaps you see a job that you would like, but it’s in the wrong geographic area. Reach out to the recruiters and let them that you noticed a job isn’t currently available, but you would be really interested in that role if the opportunity opens. This is great for recruiters who like having potential candidates on the back burner and great for you who gets to apply for a job when there is little competition.

Identify who can connect you to the organization. Is there an alumni from your school you can meet with for an informational interview about the company? Do you have a friend or a friend of a friend who works there who can send your resume to a recruiter? Connect with individuals who have the inside scoop on the organization. Don’t know anyone? Ask friends, family and others if they know anyone who may have a connection. The more people you ask, the more likely you will find someone who may be able to pass your resume on.

Go where their employees go. Look into how employees at that company connect to others in the industry. Look up the company profile pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter then check out what the company is posting about and who they are following. What do their employees seem involved in? Once you have an idea of what individuals who work there follow, see how you can get involved. Is there an association people seems to be a part of? What about popular chat boards? Is there a networking event that members of that company will likely be a part of? Just make sure you do not stalk employees! There is a line between proactive and creepy.

Research the company. How does the company seem to be growing? What opportunities do you see for individuals with specific skill sets within the organization? Check out the company site and press releases to see what is happening in the organization. Also, make sure to check out their competitors. What are their competitors doing that is a potential future trend in the industry? This may be a little bit out there, but if you spot a competitive trend that’s about to pop-up, you can try to build up your knowledge and expertise in that area. See if you can become the go-to person within that industry.

Overall, you want to connect and apply in as many ways as possible. Try to get seen by multiple people in the organization. The more connections and relationships that you build, the more likely you will become a natural asset for that company.

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